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EIC 12.3 Set!

EIC v12.3

The Cubano Edition

April 18–23, 2017

Schedule of Events

(daily pass $10 general admission, $8 students unless otherwise noted)

Installations (516 Arts, 516 Central Ave SW, Downtown Albuquerque)

Three and One Flags, Nestor Siré, 2017, Cuba

Trilogy—Why / Lift / Revolution, Narda Azaria Dalgleish, 12 mins, 2016, Scotland, US premiere.

Action Phase Loop 05: Crane Hang, Dustin Zemel, 7.75 minutes, 2016, USA.

In Medias Res, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Canada, 11 minutes, 2015, Canada US premiere.

The Essence of Art, Timo Kahlen, 2016, Germany, US premiere.

Winged Projector, Beth Hansen/Michelle Mellor/Leon Arnold, 2015-2017, USA.

Tuesday, April 18

Experiment 1


Guild Cinema

Subotika – Land of Wonders, Peter Volkart, 13 minutes, 2015, Switzerland, US premiere.

Anxiety (Kaygi), Müge Yildiz, 3.25min, 2016, Turkey.

T is for Turnip, Kiera Faber, 2.75 minutes, 2015, USA.

Woolgatherer’s House, Anna Firth, 5.25 minutes, 2016, Canada.

Song for Koko, Tommy Becker, 4 minutes, 2015, USA.

Vector City, Shubhangi Singh, 0.5 minutes, 2016, India, World premiere.

Swarm Circulation, Yeonu Ju,12 minutes, 2016, South Korea, US premiere,

InterFace ll, Yanyu Dong, 9 minutes, 2016, China, World premiere.

Swallowed Whole, Heidi Kumao, 4.25 minutes, 2014, USA.

Insectar (Insectarium), Andreea Dobre, 2.5 minutes, 2016, Romania.

The Bridge, Meike Redeker, 4 minutes, 2015, Germany.

Experiment 2


Guild Cinema

Regional YOUTH Program – free event

Experiment 3 6:45–8:15pm

Guild Cinema

Cuban program 1 of 4

Caridad Blanco de la Cruz discusses/screens current trends in Cuban animation.

Experiment 4 9:00–10:00pm

Guild Cinema

Live Fire Exercise, Zak Spor, 8 minutes, 2016, Greece, US premiere.

Look Out Point, Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson, 5 minutes, 2013, Iceland.

Demos, Danaya Chulphuthiphong, 13 minutes, 2016, Thailand, US premiere.

Going Somewhere: Episode X, Michael Betancourt, 7 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

Brown Box, Edward deBuvitz , 1.75 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

26 Pulse Wrought – (Film for Rewinds) Vol. 1 Windows for Recursive Triangulation, Andrew Busti, 3.25 minutes, 2014, USA, 16mm sound.

Dark Shadows, Grayson Cooke, 3.5 minutes, 2015, Australia, World premiere.

LYING WOMEN, Deborah Kelly, 4 minutes, 2016, Australia.

Dawn to Dust, Shubhangi Singh, 5 minutes, 2016, India, World premiere.

SKYDOGS, Linda Scobie, 5 minutes, 2012, USA.

Tractor Brewery - reception

Wednesday April 19 Experiment 5 3:00–4:15pm

Guild Cinema

Libertad, Brenda Avilla, 10 minutes, 2016, USA.

Camellia Portraits 1-5, Pam Minty, 3.5 minutes (silent), 2016, USA.

Events in a Cloud Chamber, Ashim Ahluwalia, 21 minutes, 2016, India.

The Two Sights, Katherine McInnis, 4.25 minutes, 2015, USA.

ORWO, Stuart Pound, 2.5 minutes, 2015, UK, US premiere.

Minispectacles 6x Good Night, Maarit Suomi-Väänänen, 7.5 minutes, 2016, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA, U.S premiere.

Effulgence, Alex MacKenzie, 5 minutes, 2014, Canada.

More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters, Kelly Gallagher, 6.25 minutes, 2016, USA, US premiere.

Antarctica, Salise Hughes, 4 minutes, 2016, USA.

TRiplete Plástico, Ignacio Tamarit, 2 minutes, 2015, Argentina, 16mm sound.

Two Aries, Josh Weissbach, 3.25 minutes, 2016, USA, 16mm - silent, LIVE SCORE.

Experiment 6


Guild Cinema

Various Shows For Various Events, Daniela Delgado Viteri, 15 minutes, 2016, France/Ecuador, US premiere.

A Metaphor for the End of Just About Everything, Roger Beebe, 3 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

Death in Venice, Annelyse Gelman/Auden Lincoln-Vogel, 1.5 minutes, 2016, Italy/USA, World premiere.

Mais Ailleurs c’est Toujours Mieux (But Elsewhere is Always Better), Vivian Ostrovsky, 4 minutes, 2016, USA.

Schizophrenia, Yuri Muraoka, 10 minutes, Japan, 2016.

Shadow Show, Kyra Clegg, 4.25 minutes, 2015, Scotland, US premiere.

The Days of Perky Pat, Maximillian Godino, 3 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

Red Lights and A Solstice Moon, Jason Moyes, 2 minutes, 2016, Scotland, World premiere.

Skipper (Mistic Speech), Paul Tarragó, 12.5 minutes, 2016, UK, US premiere.

Experiment 7


Guild Cinema

Cuban program 2 of 4

Maria de Lourdes Marino Fernandez/Yainet Rodríguez Rodríguez discuss/screen

fragmented storytelling in Cuban cinema.

Experiment 8


Guild Cinema

July 8th, 2016, Jason Halprin, 3.5 minutes, 2016, USA.

Transfiguration, Igor Toholj, 5 minutes, 2017, Serbia.

CULTURETRAUMA, Jodi Darby, 21.5 minutes, 2016, USA.

White Fish, Reza Golchin, 1.75 minutes, 2016, Iran, US premiere.

We’re All Connected, Naz Shahrokh, 5.5 minutes, 2015, United Arab Emirate.

Letter from Mom, Lisa Seidenberg, 6 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

Exi(s)t, Daniel Wechsler, 1.75 minutes, 2016, Israel, US premiere.

Instinctive Behaviour, Marta Alvim, Portugal, 6 minutes, 2016, Portugal, World premiere.

Kintsugi, APOTROPIA (Antonella Mignone + Cristiano Panepuccia), 4.5 minutes, 2014, Italy.

Tractor Brewery - reception

Thursday April 20

Experiment 9

Guild Cinema


96000 Cameras, José Simões, 13.75 minutes, 2015, Portugal, World premiere.

Waves, Sebastian Wiedemann, 9.75 minutes, 2015, Brazil/Colombia, US premiere.

Rhus Typhina, George Bagdasarov/Alexandra Moralesova, 2.75 minutes, 2014, Czech Republic, US premiere, 16mm sound.

Cycle, Emirhan Altuner, 5 minutes, 2016, Turkey.

Centro Espacial Satelital de Colombia, Elkin Calderón/Diego Piñeros, 12.5 minutes, 2015, Colombia, US premiere.

White Sugar, Francesca Fini, 13.25 minutes, 3-D glasses, 2013, Italy.

Spotlight on a Brick Wall, Alee Peoples, Mike Stoltz, 8 minutes, 2016, USA, 16mm sound.

Experiment 10


Guild Cinema

Halimufak, Christopher Harris 4 minutes, 2016, USA.

Hear NW, Ben Popp, 11.5 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

Copper Perforation Loop Triptych, Ruth Hayes, 3.5 minutes, 2016, USA.

Devouring the Contiguous, Catarina de Oliveira, 12 minutes, 2016, Portugal, US premiere.

End of Film, Kerry Jones, 1.75min, 2016, Scotland, US premiere.

Country of Two, Neritan Zinxhiria, 9.5 minutes, 2016, Romania/Greece, US premiere.

Last Train, Dianna Barrie, 12.5 minutes, 2016, Australia, US premiere, 16mm sound.

Pronto, Mhairi Sutherland, 9 minutes, 2016, Northern Ireland, US premiere.

Experiment 11 8:00–9:30pm

516 Arts - free event

Cuban program 3 of 4

Nestor Siré Mederos discusses/screens expanded cinema /video installation in Cuba.

Friday April 21

Cuban workshop – free event

University of New Mexico, Department of Cinematic Arts


Nestor Siré Mederos, Maria de Lourdes Marino Fernandez and Yainet Rodríguez conduct a FREE discussion-based workshop studying issues raised in their formal presentations.

Workshop – free event

University of New Mexico, Department of Cinematic Arts


Sarah Goldstein and Steven Bridges will discuss issues raised in Kamila Kuc and Sam Jury’s Experiment 15 presentation “Disasters in Peace”

Experiment 12 3:00-4:00pm

Guild Cinema

Refugee Camp, Saeed Naghavian, 1.75 minutes, 2016, Iran.

So Long, Maria Berns, 63 minutes, 2016, Mexico, US premiere.

Experiment 13


Guild Cinema

The Speed of Disembodiment, Kathleen Quillian, 24.5min, 2016, USA, live expanded cinema performance.

Pepsi, Cola, Water?, Tom Bogaert, 9 minutes, 2016, Egypt/Belgium/Switzerland, US premiere.

Rothkonite, Morgan Menegazzo/Mariachiara Pernisa, 3 minutes, 2015, Italy.

Under The Boardwalk, Catherine Forster, 8 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

Pink Noise, Charlotte Clermont, 9 minutes, 2015, Canada, World premiere.

Experiment 14 6:30-8:00pm

Guild Cinema

Cuban program 4 of 4

Magaly Espinosa Delgado discusses/screens Cuban films studying cultural issues including race and gender.

Experiment 15


Guild Cinema

Disasters in Peace presentation curated by Sam Jury and Kamila Kuc.

Tractor Brewery - reception

Saturday April 22

Cuban workshop – free event

University of New Mexico, Department of Cinematic Arts


Caridad Blanco de la Cruz and María Magaly Espinosa Delgado conduct a FREE discussion-based workshop about Cuban animation and cultural issues including race and gender.

Filmmakers lunch Casita Konefsky

12:30 – 3:30pm

Experiment 16


Guild Cinema

Tarnished Angel, the diary films of George Kuchar, presented by Gene Youngblood

Experiment 17


Guild Cinema

Gone is Syria, Gone, Jazra Khaleed, 8 minutes, 2016, Greece, US premiere.

HER VOICE, Silvia Defrance, 11 minutes, 2016, Belgium.

Beneath A Glass Floor Lobby, Lisa Danker, 5 minutes, 2016, USA, 16mm sound.

Re-mesmerizing from Ormtown to Parc Lafontaine, Allan Brown, 5.5 minutes, 2016, Canada, World premiere.

WE BE WE KNOW, Stephanie Gray, 4.5 minutes, 2016, USA, LIVE SCORE.

Kindah, Ephraim Asili, 11.75 minutes, 2016, Jamaica, 16mm sound.

Cielito Lindo, Carlos Colon, 4 minutes, 2015, USA, World premiere.

Cut Out, Guli Silberstein, 4.5 minutes, 2014, UK.

The More You Do It, Caryn Cline, 3 minutes, 1991, USA.

The Planet, Ellie Kyungran Heo, 6.5 minutes, 2016, South Korea, US premiere.

Five Angels, Richard Ashrowan, 5 minutes, 2016, Scotland, US premiere.

Experiment 18


Guild Cinema

So’s Nephew by Remes (thanx to Michael Snow) by Jorrie Penn Croft, Jennifer Proctor, 27.5 minutes, 2015, USA.

All My Life (After Baillie), Clint Enns, 3.5 minutes, 2016, Canada, super 8mm sound.

TRI-Alogue, no. 2, Caryn-Linda-Reed Cline-Fenstermaker-O’Beirne, 3 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere, LIVE SCORE.

Harbour, Eric Stewart, 15.5 minutes, 2016, USA, 16mm sound.

349, Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, 3.25 minutes, 2015, USA.

You Decide, Sally Cloninger, 1.75 minutes, 2016, USA.

Catalogue Vol.6, Dana Berman Duff, 11.5 minutes, 2016, USA, World premiere.

Analogue, Ian Haig, 2 minutes, 2016, Australia, US premiere.

Tractor Brewery - reception

Sunday April 23

Experiment 19


Guild Cinema

Three, Dragos Hanciu, Robert Braga and Andrei Inizian, 6.5 minutes, 2016, Romania.

Self-Titled (Rough Cut), Jesse Malmed, 7 minutes, 2015, USA.

For Your Pleasure, Miguel Maldonado, 6.5 minutes, 2015, UK, US premiere.

If I Were Any Further Away I’d Be Closer To Home, Rajee Samarasinghe, 14.5 minutes, 2016, Sri Lanka, LIVE SCORE.

ENOLAEMEVAEL, Kathryn Ramey, 7min, 2016, USA, 16mm, dual projection.

WUNSCHKONZERT, Marlene Denningmann, 12.75 minutes, 2016, Germany, US premiere.

4:48, Laura Benavides, 2 minutes, 2016, Colombia, World premiere.

Attempt to Meditate, Lynn Thompson, 7.5 minutes, 2013, USA, World premiere.

Huntington Drive, Kate Lain, 5 minutes, 2015, USA.

Experiment 20


Guild Cinema

The Solar System (In Luncheon Meat), Natasha Cantwell, 1 minute, 2013, New Zealand, US premiere, US premiere, LIVE SCORE.

Recuerdos de Sangre (Blood Memories), Georg Koszulinski, 10 minutes, 2017, Cuba/USA, World premiere.

Caecus, Jaime Fa de Lucas, 5 minutes, 2016, Spain.

Lebanon Street, Jennifer Saparzadeh, 5 minutes, 2016, Palestine/Israel, 16mm sound.

Travelling Light, Su Grierson, 6.25 minutes, 2012, Scotland, US premiere.

You Got Eyes, Adam Levine/Sara Smith, 7 minutes, 2016, USA, US premiere.

Archipelagos, Naked Granites, Daphné Hérétakis, 25 minutes, 2014, Greece/France, US premiere.

Identity Parade, Gerard Freixes Ribera, 4.25 minutes, 2017, Spain, US premiere.

Don Quixote, claRa apaRicio-yoldi, 3.25 minutes, UK, World premiere.

Stopped in Time, Patricia McInroy, 2.5 minutes, 2016, Cuba, World premiere.

Kellys Brewery - reception

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