What is the deadline for applying to the festival?


The Entry Form and payment deadline is November 1, 2020 for your work to be considered for inclusion in EIC 16.1 (2021) festival.

Frequently Asked Questions


What formats does the festival support?


Because we're going online only for 2021, only High Resolution digital file (Quicktime / AVI / etc.) will be accepted.

Does the festival charge submission fees for international submissions?


There is no fee for international submissions.

Do alumni of EIC pay entry fees for their submissions?


No, artists who have screened their work in our festival never pay entry fees again.

If I have multiple submissions are there entry fee discounts?


Yes. Individual entries are $30 each. If an artist submits 3 or more works, the entry fee is reduced to $20 per entry.

Are there festival restrictions in terms of when my movie was produced?


No, EIC accepts works produced from any year, century or alternative dimension.

Can I submit an online link for my film/video in my application?


Yes. We no longer accept mailed in applications.

I'd like to have a copy of the films shown at the festival. How can I obtain a copy?

Each year EIC produces a fundraising DVD collection that we sell on our website. If you participate in the fundraising DVD collection (see submission form), you will receive a free copy of the DVDs. Otherwise, a copy of the festival can be purchased at Shop EIC.

My film is not in English. Is that okay?

We encourage international applications, but if your work is in a language other than English, please provide a translation of the work.


When will I hear back about whether my work will be included in EIC?


You should hear back no later than Feb 15.

If my work is accepted into the festival, will I be provided with travel funds to attend?


Sadly, we don’t have such funds. However, we can offer discount rates for visiting artists at our official festival motel, The Hiway House. Contact experimentsincinema@gmail.com for details. We also guarantee that you will meet incredible artists, have deep and meaningful conversations about the state of the art, and more than anything, be inspired!

If my work is accepted into the festival, can I be included in online Zoom artist discussions?



I have an idea for a moving image project. How can I make a proposal to EIC for the project?


if you would like to propose a moving image project that embraces online technologies or structures, please submit a written proposal of 500 words or less to bkonefsky@gmail.com before the Nov 1 deadline for submissions.