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EIC 10.T36 (2015)

Experiments In Cinema v10.T36 was held April 15–19, 2015 at Guild Cinema on Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 100 films from 35 countries were shown over the course of the festival along will workshops and art. Below are just a few of the films shown during EIC v10.T36.
Download a .pdf of the entire program schedule.

A short history of abandoned sets
Postcards by Ana Husman
Physics and Metaphysics in Modern Photography 
I Don't Touch the Gold

by Elizabeth Sher, 3 minutes, USA, 2004.  How to beat the long lines to the women’s public toilet in 3 easy steps.


by Christine Lucy Latimer, 6.75 minutes, 16mm (silent), Canada, 2014, World premiere. Addressing the changing terminologies of lens-based practice, this hybrid project uses a cell-phone to document a series of colour plate ads from The 1957 Photographer's Almanac.

by Salise Hughes, 5.25 minutes, USA, 2014. Luck, fate, the unknown, and an event that changed the world.

Maritza Tommaso Okarvavena
Trip The Light Fantastic live performance

by Edward Ramsay-Morin, 3 minutes, USA, 2014. Using footage from scientific films as the primary source to explore themes of power and control. The different clips are composed to imply fragmented and distorted physiologies, creating both spatial and psychological tension.

by Ying Liu, 3.5 minutes, USA, 2014. Packed with associative images, visual puns and wordplays, Ham over Rice deconstructs the Chinese myth of the legendary archer Houyi who saves the world but loses his immortality.

by Nikolai Nekh, 7 minutes, Portugal, 2014, US premiere.  In an attempt to reclaim their work conditions, public transport workers decided to cut the sound of passing trains.

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