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EIC 12.3 (2017)

Experiments In Cinema v12.3 was held April 18–23, 2017  in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This year is the "Cubano Edition", featuring scholars and Experimental films from Cuba. In addition to highlighting Cuban films, films from the USA and 36 other countries were presented at Guild Cinema and 516 Arts during the festival. Here are just a few of the films shown during EIC v12.3, The Cubano Edition. Download a .pdf of the entire EIC v12.3 program here.

A short history of abandoned sets
Postcards by Ana Husman
I Don't Touch the Gold

by Heidi Kumao, 4.25 minutes, 2014, USA. This abbreviated, jarring journey explores the physical and psychological landscapes of hospitalization and recovery. 

by Kyra Clegg, 4.25 minutes, 2015, Scotland, US premiere. Inspired by late 19th/early 20th century still and moving images, Shadow Show holds a mirror to the beliefs of western societies of that time, revealing how these images invalidated the authenticity of other cultures.

by Salise Hughes, 4 minutes, 2016, USA. The first chapter in what will be an epic journey navigated across erased and scratched frames of film history to reach the melting bottom of the world. 


Maritza Tommaso Okarvavena
Trip The Light Fantastic live performance

by Tom Bogaert, 9 minutes, 2016, Egypt/Belgium/Switzerland, US premiere. Jazz pioneer and philosopher Sun Ra had a deep fascination with outer space and Egypt. Computer animation, archival footage, and music from Sun Ra are interwoven to create a recreation/celebration of his legendary visit to Egypt in 1971. 



by Danaya Chulphuthiphong, 13 minutes, 2016, Thailand. By the time the zoo is closed, detained animals feel frustrated and confused. The only thing they can do is wait for the time to pass. Demos is a lyrical assemblage of observational footage collected from various places. The film is an attempt to depict the gloom, the oppression and the surreality that exists in Thailand since the military coup in 2014.  


by Guli Silberstein, 4.5 minutes, 2014, UK. A radiant, raging girl is shouting and punching the empty space in front of her. She is roughly cut out from her surroundings by a computer algorithm struggling to contain her, and her enemies are rubbed off the frame. Is she real? Is she a dream? 


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