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Basement Films move

Basement Films has made it through a most difficult year having been "booted" from our 20+ year studio at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque and then hustlin' our butts to find a new home for our historic archive of more than 8000 16mm films (plus 8mm films, projectors etc). And, we did it. If you haven't heard already, we are now the Media Artists in Residence with the University of New Mexico's Department of Cinematic Arts and the archive of films is safe and sound having been moved to the Mesa Del Sol building south of main campus. The really, really good news is that we will maintain our non-profit autonomy while partnering with UNM on various projects.

All is good once again with Basement Films!

Presently, we are gearing up to continue our mission of supporting under-represented forms of media through school outreach programs, hosting touring filmmakers, supporting and presenting our own creative work, producing our annual audiovisual show, and in April, Experiments in Cinema v12.3! I guess the not-so-secret reason for this missive is to ask for your financial help. The big move to Mesa Del Sol was expensive and now that we are in our new home we foresee new expenses including updating our telecine equipment, outfitting our studio so more people can access our archive (scholars, artists, community members, researchers etc) and make the experience as up to date (technologically) and as user friendly as possible. To this end, please know that all donations to Basement Films are 100% tax deductible.

We hope to hear from you with your most-generous checks, suitcases filled with small, unmarked bills and piggy banks filled with lovely coins. Happy holidays to all!

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