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Our dear friends at the artist-run film lab, LaborBerlin, recently made a decision that, seeing the increasing speed with which commercial film-labs in Germany and world-wide are closing, they need to act fast and change too! They want to protect analogue technologies for the future, and ensure knowledge about these technologies is also safe-guarded! They are now raising funds to purchase professional processing and printing equipment from a small German lab that recently closed. As all of you know, this is important work, not just to protect our collective film heritage but also to sustain a dirty, gritty and non-homogeneous film scene! They just launched a new crowd-funding campaign Saturday night at DIFFRAKTION, their annual screening event, and already received wonderful and generous support from the audience of analogue heroes! Please take a look at their campaign page: LABORBERLIN 2.0—FILM AIN'T DEAD And please support them by sharing their campaign far and wide and continue to be a part of the analogue film movement! Even the smallest contribution helps!

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