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What is AgX ?

Based out of the Boston area, AgX is a new filmmakers’ collective established in 2015, in partnership with freshly non-profited Balagan Films and local animation studio Handcranked Productions.

Joining a growing international network of artist-run film collectives and laboratories, AgX provides a place for local artists to share resources, equipment, camaraderie and knowledge, with a focus on the creation, appreciation and magic of the photochemical process. We took over the Handcranked Productions lease of a large space in a former textile mill building in Waltham, Massachusetts, right

outside Boston. Within this ample area, we have already assembled a substantial amount of filmmaking equipment and are in the process of building a darkroom and lab. Already, we’ve held work-in-progress screenings in the space and have set up two flat-bed editors. In a matter of weeks, we will be able to process our own motion picture and still film, offer a variety of filmmaking workshops and host screenings of members’ work as well as that of filmmakers from outside Boston and around the world.

Open to collaborating with a broad array of artists, students and organizations, AgX will cultivate and support a unique, diverse community of filmmakers, photographers and interdisciplinary artists. We currently have over twenty talented filmmakers as active members and expect our number to grow substantially once we are fully established. We will be able to provide our facilities and resources to students graduating from the film programs of greater Boston’s many colleges and universities who no longer have institutional access, and likewise can collaborate with these same entities whose professors, students and staff comprise a good portion of our membership.

When it is in full swing, the space will provide a comfortable communal area where members can engage in shooting film, processing, contact printing, optical printing, animation, analog and digital editing, screenings and dialogue, as well as various alternative and experimental methods which will flourish and expand in our fertile, cooperative atmosphere.

We are in the process of developing a website, but currently have a page on the Balagan site, as well as a Facebook page, and we would love to hear from fellow film friends from our area and around the world!

AgX Film Collective

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