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Submission Season!

Well, it is that time of year again… Time to dust off your ones and zeroes (or, perhaps your celluloid) and submit your media to Experiments in Cinema v10.T36. We are really excited about our new (10th anniversary) website and hope the submission process is smooth and painless for you!

Each year our screening committee has the pleasure to watch more than 500 entries from around the world and make those difficult decisions about how to represent “the state of the art” in our April festival. Nothing could be more fun and nothing could be more frustrating. I wish we were like the Ann Arbor Film Festival during their first few years (more than 50 years ago) where they screened everything that was submitted… So, one never knew exactly how long the festival would be… An interesting idea, but the reality is somewhat daunting.

Our festival doesn’t use language like “this is the best of the best,” rather we like to think that our selections are more about a representative cross-section of “what’s goin’ on out there,” and that we find much more interesting!

As always, happiness is a warm projector!

Bryan Konefsky

Director, Experiments in Cinema

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