Experiments In Cinema 4.2 (2009) 2 Disc DVD set for Institutional Use

EIC v4.2 (2009) 2 Disc DVD set (Institutional Use)

  • Disc 1
    A Woman and Circles by Bruce Checefsky, 9.5 minutes, US, 2004
    Speechless by Scott Stark, 13 minutes, US, 2008
    Dig by Robert Todd, 2.5 minutes, US, 2007
    Tale of the Sea's Dream by Ben Popp, 5 minutes, US, 2007
    …here and there… by Roger Deutsch, 15 minutes, US, 2008
    Cleopatra's Teeth by Mika Kiburz, 17 minutes, US, 2008
    Latent Sorrow by Shon Kim, 3.5 minutes, South Korea, 2006
    Double Thunder by Potter Belmar Labs, 6 minutes, US, 2008
    Men Seeking Women by Penny Lane, 4.5 minutes, US, 2007
    Suffragette Slasher by Julie Perini, 3 minutes, US, 2008
    Resonances by Ismail Bahri, 7 minutes, France, 2008
    Murder Capital by Marcy Saude, 10 minutes, US, 2007
    Remote Intimacy by Sylvia Schedelbauer, 14.5 minutes, Germany, 2008
    Let's Get Married by Mary Magsamen and Stephen Hillerbrand, 3.5 minutes, US, 2008

    Disc 2
    Cloud Cuckoo Land by Amanda Trager and Erik Moskowitz, 17 minutes, US, 2008
    The Nightgardener by Jennifer Hardacker, 9 minutes, US, 2008
    Suite of Summer Evenings by Bob Harris, 22 minutes, US, 2008
    The Memory of the Snails by Edgar Endress, 13 minutes, Chile, 2001
    Monongahela Ghost Train by Jason Halprin, 3.5 minutes, US, 2007
    In/Organic Transmissions by Patricia McInroy, 1 minutes, US, 2008
    Last Things (trilogy) by Sharon Horodi and Cheb Kammerer, 15 minutes, Israel, 2008
    Autumnal by Scott Nyerges, 6 minutes, US, 2008
    Repeat Photography and the Albedo Effect by Caroline Koebel, 8 minutes, US, 2008
    28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark) by Christopher Harris, 3 minutes, US, 2008
    Pornoscope:John C. Holmes by Kristen Galvin, 7 minutes, US, 2008
    Abby by Deon Kay, 9.5 minutes, US, 2008

Founder/Director – Bryan Konefsky

Technical Director – Melinda Kowalska
Design/Workshop Coordinator –Beth Hansen
Hospitality Director – Ren Adams

Youth Program Director – Nina Shoenfeld

Yearbook Editors – River Quane, David Camerana,     Angie Beauchamp, Beth Hansen

Print Traffic Controller – Nichole Hoch

Special Projects Coordinator – Peter Lisignoli

House Manager - Jenette Isaacson


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