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EIC v17.2 (2022)

Experiments In Cinema v17.1 was available as an online festival May 9-23, 2023. Here are just a few of the films that were part of EIC v17.2.


de la garza_Protest Etiquette_1267_still.jpg
Experiment 10.jpg

by Adán De La Garza, 1:07, 2020, USA. Protest Etiquette is a response to the “centrist” cry for civility. This cry shifts its criticism to the behaviors of those protesting injustice, instead of the actual injustices. It sidesteps any real momen- tum for the sake of not appearing rude.

by Alex MacKenzie, 11:25, 2021, Canada, US premiere. Created using a 35mm film tin modified into an outward-looking 59-pinhole camera that registers images on a single film loop mounted in the tin. Each loop is exposed in one moment with 59 pinhole “lenses” to create as many distinct images that, when presented in series, create a panning of the landscape in various directions.

by Sally Cloninger, 6:22, 2021, USA, World premiere. An American Folly. Clear the deck, light the’s showtime, folks. #3 Cinema for the Anthropocene.

Experiment 14.jpg
Experiment 9.jpg
Experiment 2.jpg

by Paul Echeverria, 4:47, 2020, USA, silent. Saffron Mourning is an exploration of contrasting sensibilities. The film reveals a passionate canvas of color in combination with the dreary backdrop of winter. The waves of flowing saffron offer an array of potential emotions, including pleasure, happiness, and bliss. Conversely, the ripples of frost and shadow foreshadow an ambiguous rendezvous between the strolling drifters.



by Caryn Cline/Mische Mellor, 5:00, 2021, USA. In Horse Fare, two horse-obsessed filmmakers interact with three horses and their owner. While grooming, saddling and riding the horses, they ponder the connection between horses and themselves and find a contemporary resonance for this relationship as they discover a surprising detail about how and why the owner acquired these animals as foals.


by Vivian Ostovsky, 12:46, 2020, USA. Chantal Akerman and cellist Sonia Wieder- Atherton worked together on more than 20 films throughout the years. A sequence showing both of them triggered my wish to focus on sound in her films. That was just a beginning...


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