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Artist-In-Residence Program

Wago Kreider, Artist in Residence

Wago Kreider, EIC Artist-in-Residence, 2013


Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzales Monroy

The Artist-in-Residence program of EIC grew out of a need to exercise Basement Films’ collection of more than 8000 16mm films (see searchable databases as!archives/c10tw). In the past we have used the collection for unique screenings, scholarly research, found-footage filmmaking, and loop making workshops.


However, through it all, the collection of our archived films remains under utilized. It is the “job” of a resident artist to work with the collection during their three week tenure in Albuquerque (see for a video tour of Basement Films archive).


The results of their creative research is then presented to the public as part of Experiments in Cinema. To date, we have hosted artists:


The results of their residencies have been insightful, forward thinking and varied both in terms of engagement with this particular creative research and their public/festival presentations.  

Kamila Kuc

Caryn Cline


Linda Fenstermaker


Julie Perini


Marika Borgeson

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