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 DVD Collection - Institutional Use - 7 disc set

EIC v9.72(2014) DVD Collection (institutional use)

  • DISC 1
    F-Line, Camerawork Cameraplay,
    Revisited, FFF1, Encuentro/Water Washing Through Bones,
    Mimesis, Respice Albus/Respice Niger,
    Chloe at the Gates of Hell, Symphonie Diagonale, The Pool,
    Deer Census, Signs of the Nevada Sun.
    DISC 2
    Unfettered; Out of Order, Minispectacles Touché Douche Souche,
    3 Frames, 45 7 Broadway,The Swimmer, Bright Mirror,
    Gulf, How To Shoot Pool With A Rope, White Lady Diaries.
    DISC 3
    Landscape with Two Women, Sekiz Haziran, Those Restive Eyes,
    I Would Like It Very Much, Ownerbuilt.
    DISC 4
    Korona, Your Hands and My Teeth, Laal Pari/The Red Fairy,
    Solaristics, Chick Strand Document, Left Side, Riverside,
    Property, El Fin de La Existencia de Las Cosas, View from a Boat with Exotic Woman and Fireworks.
    DISC 5
    Venice Underwater, Forward Biased Condition, Buffalo Death Mask, Immortal, Suspended, Punctured, The Death of Grandma Gladys, That Which Moves The Sun And Stars.
    DISC 6
    I Don’t Touch The Gold, Bruce’s Borders, Der Spaziergang,
    They Look Right Through You, Seawall.
    DISC 7
    Haenyeo, The Turtle, Entropy, Exterior Signals,
    Bellhaven, Neither Here Nor There, Sunhouse Elevation/Sunhouse,
    The Kodak Moment, On The Road by Jack Kerouac, Tom’s Gift.
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