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7 DVD Set of Experiments In Cinema v8.53 for Personal Use

EIC v8.53 (2013) DVD Set (Personal Use)

  • This seven volume Fundraising DVD Collection includes the following titles:
    DISC 1
    Two Light Studies,
    Descending a Stair Case,
    A Recipe For Making Cameraless Computational Video—
    American Style,
    Background Singer,
    31 Chords,
    The Sun,
    Another Day of Depression in Kowloon,
    Le Noir Subit.

    DISC 2
    Five Windows In The Attic,
    Sounding Glass,
    Light Plate,
    Who admires,
    Village of the Damned,
    Tear it up, Son!

    DISC 3
    Last Time I Wrote You,
    The Name is not the Thing,
    I've Been Falling Asleep A Lot Lately,
    Broken Time,
    What Once Was,
    Not Clear Cut,
    Lie Back and Enjoy It: a film about JoAnn Elam.

    DISC 4
    The Samaritan,
    A Great Day,
    Being with my Dad,
    The Complete Voice (Suite for Birds and Mammals),
    Star Spangled,
    Poem End Friend.

    DISC 5
    The Whale Story,
    Forgot something?,
    Make Me A Doorway,
    A Boxer’s Soundscape (excerpt),
    Diary of Pamplona,
    Sailing across images,
    Splice Lines by Clint Enns,
    I Remember My Dreams by the Colour They Are...

    DISC 6
    Physical Examination,
    To Begin With,
    Dwarf Planet,
    Cat Scannd,
    Les Jeux D'enfants (Children's Games),
    Neons Melody,
    Victor #5,
    My Baby,

    DISC 7
    We Regret To Inform You,
    Antag | Protag,
    My Father Is Super Mega Strong,
    Blue arpeggios,
    Eleven Forty Seven,
    Burning Memories pt.1: Forbidden Songs.

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