Experiments in Cinema v7.9 Collection. Four DVD set for personal use.

EIC v7.9 (2012) 4 DVD set (for Personal Use)

  • This four volume Fundraising DVD Collection includes the following titles:
    Disc 1
    Western Movie, Lee Hyung-suk, South Korea, 5 min, 2009
    Stan vs.Squirrel, Lilly Boruszkowski, US, 21.5 min, 2010
    Ride, Eliseo Ortiz, Mexico, 2.5 min, 2011
    How to Draw Clouds, Salise Hughes, US, 2 min, 2010
    I-140, Nomi Talisman & Dee Hibbert-Jones, US, 6 min, 2010
    The Unnamed, Ya-Li Huang, Taiwan, 10.75 min, 2010
    Menu, Djamo Danial Nicolae, Romania, 5.5 min, 2011
    When You Will Have Forgotten All, Francis Magnenot & Katia Viscogliosi, France,
    12 min, 2011
    Magic For Beginners, Jesse McLean, US, 21 min, 2010
    Dieu est dans les raciness (God is in the Roots), Peter Snowdon, Belgium, 15 min,
    Lado V (V Side), Jorge Catoni, Chile, 3.25 min, 2009
    Scene Box, Sheri Wills, US, 5.5 min, 2011

    Disc 2
    It Takes Time To See, Deborah Fort & Marsha Tallerico, US, 14 min, 2000
    Chorus, Paul Clipson, US, 7min, 2011
    Of The Horse We Know Nothing, Takahiro Suzuki, US, 3 min, 2011
    Sangre De Cristo, Marcy Saude, US, 25.5 min, 2011
    Up On The Farm, Diane Nerwen, US, 16 min, 2011
    La Femme Enfant, Diane Sara, France, 3.25 min, 2011
    Focus, Christine Lucy Latimer, Canada, 1.5 min, 2009
    Dekho, Purani Dilli (Scenes From Old Delhi), Karl Mendonca, US/India,
    14min, 2011
    Chromatic Cocktail 180 Proof, Kerry Laitala, US, 8 min
    One, Michael Betancourt, US, 1.5min, 2010
    Godʼs Guest, Greet Kallikrom, UK, 2.25 min- 2011
    Crowning Glory, Alee Peoples, US, 5min, 2008
    10 Moments, Wenhua Shi, US/China, 5min, 2011

    Disc 3
    A Reasonable Man, Brian Frye, US, 15 min, 2011
    Ici Rien (Here nothing), Daphné Hérétakis, France, 29 min, 2011
    Assassination in Dreamland, David Sherman, US, 6 min, 2011
    Traces, Scott Stark, US, 7min, 2011
    Relocation, Pieter Geenen, Belgium, 23.5 min, 2011
    Dance of the Deviant, Ben Popp, US, 1.75 min, 2009
    Casino, Douglas Katelus, US, 8 min, 2011.
    The Gr8 Task Remaining B4
    Swoop, Caroline Koebel, US, 7.75 min, 2011
    The Inventory, Patricia Francisco, Brazil, 7.5 min, 2010

    Disc 4

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