EIC v10 (2015) DVD Collection for Institutional Use

EIC v10 (2015) DVD Collection (Institutional Use)

  • DISC 1: Rito de Passagem by Juliette Yu-Ming, Nude Photography by Jeff Hudson,
    Outer Darkness: The Rite by Hannah Piper Burns, The Empty Chair Dialogues by Karoline Soete, vindmøller by Margaret Rorison, Thorns vs. Roses by Edward Rankus,
    Hiljaisuudesta Toiseen (From One’s Silence to Other’s), Panu Johansson,
    Autoselbstreparatur (Auto Repair) by Michael Lyons, Tight Fight by Ján Adamove,
    In the Wolf’s Belly by Yiorgos Nalpantidis.
    DISC 2: Staring at the Ceiling by Carla Forte, Song For The Lemons by Tommy Becker,
    Time-Space Compression by Blanca Rego, Void X by Alexander Isaenko, Device & Devices by Kimberly Burleigh, Flower Girl by Catherine Forester, Minispectacles 10-18/100: Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet by Maarit Suomi-Väänänen, Push Pull by Edward Ramsay-Morin, Lovesong by Robert Todd, Exhibit A by Desiree Moore, Scoop 6pm …All Is Well by Dustin Zemel, Play and Repeat by Lana Caplan, Traveling Shots: NYC by Diane Nerwen.
    DISC 3: Rio-me Porque és da Aldeia e Vieste de Burro ao Baile by Sandra Araújo, Parallax by Grant Petrey, Historia Calamitatum (The Story of My Misfortunes), Part II: The Crying Game
    by Roger Beebe, Let Me ASMR You (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) by Clint Enns, Pecas by Edward deBuvitz, Acthédrale by Roberto D'Alessandro, Excavation 3045/2013 by Avi Dabach, Gazing Into Space by Julieta Anaut, Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six by Josh Weissbach, Trailer Study #16: A Square and a Circle Talking by Brandon Doherty,
    French Words by Heather Brown, A Day’s Plead by Linda Fenstermaker.

    Plus 5 more discs.

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