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Experiments In Cinema 13.6 DVD collection (8 DVDs) featuring all the films from our 2018 experimental film festival! This license is for individual's personal use. Below is a partial list of the included films:

EIC v13.6
The Black Material Edition
Disc 1
A Little Gesture by Franziska Lauber, 5 minutes, 2016, Switzerland.
Aufgelöst – Gelöst – Abgelöst by Stephanie Weberhofer, 2 minutes,
        2016, Austria.
For Elise by Evanthia Afstralou, 1.5 minutes, 2014, England.
Shadows of a Building That Was Never Built (An Opening Logo) by
         Jan Willem Deiman, 2.5 minutes, 2017, Netherlands.
Houses of the Periphery by Camila Garcia, 2.75 minutes, 2016, Colombia.
Minerals and Buttercups by Laura Lancu, 14 minutes , 2017, USA.
Aquarius The Waterman by Steve Wetzel, 10.5 minutes, 2017, Austria
Laisse Tomber les Filles (Leave The Girls Alone) by claRaapaRicio yoldi,
        1.5 minutes, 2013, Spain.
Mammaries by Monica Panzarino, 4 minutes, 2016, USA.
Films To Break Projectors by Tim Grabham, 5 minutes, 2016, UK.
Thinker by Carolyn Sortor, 1.5 minutes, 2016, USA.
Citizen Poet by Mike Hoolboom, 6 minutes, 2017, Canada.

Disc 2
Gibraltar Point (transformed) by Penny McCann, 6 minutes, 2017, Canada.
Segmented Sleep by Mira Steinzor, Rie Ito-Hiraka, and Christina Schnabel,
        9 minutes, 2017, USA,.
The Lady Brushmaker by José Simôes, 3 minutes, 2014, Portugal.
Canteros by Diego Oliver, 18.5 minutes, 2017, Peru.
Screen Used by Jane Topping, 10 minutes, 2016, Scotland, US premiere.
Wishful Thinking by Allan Brown, 13.5 minutes, 2017, Canada.
Repercussion by Sabbir Parvez Shohan, 1 minute, 2017, Bangladesh.
Postcard Film by Michael Betancourt, 1 minute, 1999, USA.

Disc 3
Very Long Play Vinyl by Vladimir Morozov, 10.25 minutes, 2015, Russia.
The Decision by Patricia McInroy, 1 minute, 2017, USA.
Orphan of Asia by Ying Hsiu KUo, 4.25 minutes, 2017, Taiwan, US premiere.
Impressure by Guli Silberstein, 4.5 minutes, 2017, UK.
Oyashio by Tomislav Findrik, 4.5 minutes, 2017, Croatia.
A Though In Your Eyes by Jeff Hudson, 2.5 minutes, 2017, USA.
Mantle by Libi Striegl, 5.5 minutes, 2017, USA.
Valley of the Shadow of Death by Marko Ubovic, 7.5 minutes, 2017, Serbia.
Framelines by Sabine Gruffat, 10.25 minutes, 2017, USA.
Hús by Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson, 1.5 minutes, Iceland.
African Film School by Roger Horn, 5 minutes, 2017, South Africa.
Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy by Johannes Gerard, 4.75 minutes,
       2017, Russia.

Disc 4
Fish Tank by Haoge Liu, 6 minutes, 2016, China.
Mortuary Film (Frontier Journals #10) by Georg Koszulinski, 3 minutes,
       2017, Canada.
Mobile Devices by Paul Echeverria, 5 minutes, 2017, USA.
Unnatural Disasters by Amanda VanValkenburg, 8.5 minutes, 2017, USA.

Minispectacles As Nice As Pies by Maarit Suomi-Väänänen, 5.5 minutes,
        2017, Finland.
Make Over by Catherine Forster, 5 minutes, 2008, USA.
Intra-Chronotopos: Fort William Jute Mill, TAXI (Suman & Sourav),
        28 minutes, 2017, India.
Randomly Adrift by David Munich, 2.25 minutes, 2017, USA.

Disc 5
These Are The Days My Friends, These Are The Days by Lara Goldman,
        43 minutes, 2017, USA.
Dragons & Seraphim by Sasha Waters Freyer, 14 minutes, 2017, USA.
Jamie & The Tamales by Raissa Contreras, 6 minutes, 2017, USA.

Disc 6
MIX-MIX (HALO-HALO) by Sally Cloninger, 23 minutes, 2018,
The Sadness Will Not Last Forever by Alexei Dmitriev, 8.25 minutes,
        2016, Russia.
Here I Breathe by Linda Fenstermaker, 7.5 minutes, 2017, USA.
Secret Screening by David de Rozas, 16.5 minutes, 2017, USA.
Agar-Agar by Alex MacKenzie, 2 minutes, 2017, Canada.
WOMAN by Shari Berman (sound by Nina Shoenfeld), 3 minutes, 2017, USA.
The Trigger and The Cone by Niyaz Saghari, 2.5 minutes, 2016, Iran.

Disc 7
Blue Moon by Mélissa Faivre, 8.75 minutes, 2017, France/Germany.
Technolapse by Maria Fernanda Bertero, 6.5 minutes, 2017, Ecuador.
Dota by Petra Zlonoga,4.5 minutes, 2016, Croatia.
Sight Unseen by Diane Nerwen, 7 minutes, 2016, USA.
Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton by Shane Flores, 2 minutes, 2015, USA.
Spiral by Kate Lain, 4.75 minutes, 2016, USA.
The Family Album by Brian Frye/Katrina Dixon, 1 minute, 2017, USA.
Diary Film 01: Cine-mnemonics by Dustin Zemel, 5.25 minutes, 2016, USA.
Sobre Aquilo Que Nos Diz Respeito/About Something That Concerns Us All
        by Cristiana Miranda, 8.5 minutes, 2016, Brazil.
Majestic, ‘o to Thee by Dan Anderson, 5 minutes, 2017, USA.
Desprendimiento de la Pasión by Isaac Ruiz Gastélum, 3 minutes, 2017, Mexio.
Traffic Loops by Anna Firth, 2.25 minutes, 2017 Canada.

Disc 8
Pitch Black by Julia Kater, 4 minutes, 2016, Brazil.
Here East by Tessa Garland, 5.75 minutes, 2017, UK.
How Flowers Never Became A Food Group by Charlotte Clermont, 4.75 minutes,
        2017, Canada.
The Green Room by Loukia Alavanou, 4 minutes, 2016, Belgium, 3-D.
All Flesh Is Grass by Caryn Cline, 3.5 minutes, 2017, USA.
Catalogue Volume 10 by Dana Berman Duff, 5.75 minutes, 2017, USA.


EIC 13.6 DVD Collection for personal use

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