EIC 12.3 DVD Collection for Institutions. 9 DVDs

EIC 12.3 Institutional DVD Collection


    Founder/Director – Bryan Konefsky

    Technical Director – Melinda Kowalska
    Design/Workshop Coordinator –Beth Hansen
    Hospitality Director – Ren Adams

    Youth Program Director – Nina Shoenfeld

    Yearbook Editors – River Quane, David Camerana,     Angie Beauchamp, Beth Hansen

    Print Traffic Controller – Nichole Hoch

    Special Projects Coordinator – Peter Lisignoli

    House Manager - Jenette Isaacson


    Experiments In Cinema Festival Directors

    Experiments In Cinema
    Curatorial Committee

    To Be Announced Soon.

    P.O. Box 9229
    Albuquerque, NM, USA 87119



    Phone: 505-916-1635

    • General inquiries about the Festival.

    • Questions concerning submissions.

    • If you plan to attend the festival from out of town, and would like help finding accommodations.


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