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Experiments In Cinema v6.3 from 2011 three DVD set for Institutional Use

EIC v6.3(2011) 3 DVD set for Institutional Use

  • Disc 1:
    The Saddest Music In The World by Jodie Mack
    Ioka by Kyle Glowacky
    Terrarium by Su Hudson
    Trusted by Peter Snowdon
    Small Secrets by Tricia McInroy
    Unconcealments of the Aftermaths by Toh Hun Ping
    You Can See The Sun In Late December by Sasha Waters-Freyer
    How To Write An Autobiography by Penny Lane
    Girl Next Door by Julie Perini
    Enter by Anja Dorieden
    A Movie by Jennifer Proctor by Jennifer Proctor
    What? DMCA Violation by Desiree d'Alessandro
    We Want To Give You $40 Ask Us How by Deron Williams
    Follow Me by Melanie Beisswenger
    Phantasm by Andrew Milne
    Cet Air La by Marie Losier

    Disc 2:
    Chaos Engine by Mauri Lehtonen
    Marvelous Discourse by David Finkelstein
    America by Taylor Lane
    Poolside Manners by Ed Rankus
    Suspension of Belief by Wago Kreider
    A Time Shared Unlimited by Zachary Epcar
    Twin Propellors by Jason Halprin
    The Constable by Marika Borgeson
    Piel Canela by Linda Scobie
    Winged by Jennifer Hardacker
    Compressive/Percussive by Scott Stark
    Weapons Expert Demonstration by Robert Todd
    Pin Up in 3-D by Kerry Laitala

    Disc 3:
    Hopper Repair by Ross Nugent
    Puhelinkoppi by Hope Tucker
    The Indeserian Tablets by Peter Rose
    Twist of Fate by Karen Aqua
    The Garden by Ann Steuernagel
    Drexciya by Akosua Adoma Owusu
    Knife by Nancy Baric
    28.IV.81 (Descending Figures) by Christopher Harris
    Alika by Richard Weibe
    Tokyo-Ebisu by Tominari Nishikawa
    How To Catch A Mole by Juan David Gonzales Monroy
    In The Conservatory by Caryn Cline
    All This Day Is Good For by Tom Konyves
    Lloyd ____Fein Must Die by Charles Lum
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